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Having a culture of innovation, Janaua is an IT company that offers innovative solutions most notably in ICT consultancy and Medical Speech Recognition. The company aims to use its well-rounded experience in information technology and artificial intelligence to serve the medical field with long needed revolutionary services.
Our team of skilled IT scientists and human centered designers collaborate with doctors, medical transcriptionists, engineers, and quality assurance analysts to produce advanced products and services in medical technology.

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ICT Consultancy

To serve your business needs, Janaua offers ICT consultancy services based on long experience in IT and Telecom sector. We have the skills and capabilities to provide the optimum solutions for both Enterprise and SMB corporates to improve the efficiency of their relevant ICT setups. Accordingly,  we offer several related solutions that  would help optimizing your setup and get the most out of it at an optimal cost. Currently we  associated several digital solutions from several partners that certainty  would give  an edge for both Enterprise and SMB in their ICT applications.

Medical Speech Recognition

Driven by state-of-the-art machine learning, accurate transcription of medical terminology such as medicine names, procedures, conditions, and even diseases has become possible with our Medical Speech Recognition solutions. This technology uses the clinicians’ voices to capture the patients’ narratives efficiently and naturally. What’s more, the cloud-based speech recognition provides a consistent and personalized clinical documentation experience across solutions, platforms, and devices regardless of physical location.

Entire Medical

Support Diverse

Optimized For Noisy Environments

99% Accuracy

Easy Integration EMR/HIS/RIS/PACS

Secure Cloud-
Based Delivery

Dictation & Transcription

The dictation and transcription system offers an end-to-end clinical document creation solution that manages all steps in the clinical documentation process from creation to distribution. This solution has trifold results since it enables healthcare organizations to reduce letter backlogs, boost clinician efficiency, and improve the quality of patient documentation.

This system is user friendly since clinicians are not bound by one device to record patient reports. The dictation of reports can be done with a microphone, a digital recorder, or a mobile device.

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